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Beer Bottle Opener, Bottle Opener, Glove Beer Bottle Opener, Suitable For Bars, Parties, Beer Lovers, Gifts For Boyfriends And Fathers

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  • beer bottle opener, bottle opener, glove beer bottle opener, suitable for bars, parties, beer lovers, gifts for boyfriends and fathers
  • Please check the quality before receiving the goods. If you find quality problems, please apply to Amazon for free return and exchange services in a timely manner.
  • Beer bottle opener, creative multifunctional Infinity Thanos glove-type beer bottle opener, very suitable for bars, parties, beer lovers glove-shaped bottle opener, retro copper plating, exquisite workmanship.
  • The size of the fist opener is about 6.5x13 cm (2.6 x 5.2 inches), made of resin and iron with superb craftsmanship.
  • Easy to use, clenching your fists and corkscrew, you can easily remove the cap from the bottle with just one touch.
  • Fist corkscrews are fashionable gifts for dads, brothers, birthdays, company events, bachelor parties, barbecue parties, father's day, halloween, christmas, men.

High-end corkscrew display

This is a high-quality and very creative retro bottle opener. From every position he can see his beauty, without flaws, he makes everyone interested in him, it is a perfect fashion Bottle device.


The front looks like a real thing, the 5 gems on the back of his hand are very dazzling

Its side

Perfectly seamless

Its back

Hide the bottle opener in the palm of your hand, it is not easy to find, and you can easily open the beer bottle
Creative corkscrew





In the same way as the traditional bottle opener, he aligns the mouth of the bottle opener with the cap of the beer bottle, and then gently pulls it to open it very easily, and then happily drinks beer.

He is not just an ordinary corkscrew, maybe he can be used as a gift for father and friends

Perhaps the perfect high-end corkscrew can be a gift on Father's Day?

It can also be a creative Christmas Day gift, Easter gift, for a friend, relative, boyfriend or classmate.

Perhaps he is used to make souvenirs and treasures. Seems to be a good choice


Gifts for children birthday gifts holiday gifts Christmas gifts. The appearance of Infinite Gloves will surely attract children's attention, especially the little boy, who has a good interest in him, is used to play happily, and is very safe, will not pose any threat to the children.

Ornaments decorations

Putting him on the guest table at home, on the cabinet, on the computer table, or in a transparent box is a very interesting home decoration.
Movie lovers, collectibles.

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