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Happy Anniversary Toilet Paper

$11.84 Prime
Brand: InsaneChicken

  • One roll of toilet paper. Happy Anniversary is printed on EVERY sheet.
  • Great gag gift! Replace the TP in your bathroom with this joke toilet paper roll the night before your anniversary.
  • Perfect gift for first anniversary (paper anniversary), or any other anniversary. Nothing says “I Love You” like the gift of toilet paper.
  • Guaranteed to get laughs!!

Product description

Happy Anniversary Toilet Paper Roll If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your paper anniversary (1st anniversary), you’ve just found it! Also makes the perfect romantic gift for all other anniversaries, when boring traditional gifts like chocolate and roses just won’t do. Buy this Happy Anniversary toilet paper roll, switch it out with the TP in your bathroom the night before your anniversary, and wait for the laughs! While this is a real roll of 2-ply toilet paper, it’s designed as a novelty gag gift, so fair warning… you may not want to wipe with it.

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