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BADASS BALLOONS® Get Well Soon Party Pack (12-pack in assorted colors)

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  • Featured in People Magazine “These aren’t your Grandma’s Party favors”
  • 12-Pack 100% Biodegradable Natural Latex Balloons. 12 in | 3.2g
  • Messages included (3): “Definitely Not On Drugs”, “Hit Me Up When You Are Not Contagious”, and “Jealousy is a Disease”
  • Suitable to be filled with air or helium. Balloons arrive uninflated, that part you have to do by yourself. Blow the balloons up with helium if you want them to float but blow them up with air if you plan to tie them up.
  • Each pack of 12 balloons comes in a random combination of colors white, pink, teal, and marigold. Color combination not guaranteed.
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